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Open Call Turkey: PALANGA, Turkish and Dutch Farming Practices Learn from each other

IND [Inter.National.Design] en Kutluğ Atama

€ 15.000

PALANGA is an innovative farming project in which agriculture, livestock farming, science, architecture and art will be integrated. PALANGA aims to create a new, lively, social farming experience and creative ‘hub’ which stimulates social, cultural and environmental awareness. This art and agriculture experiment is an initiative by filmmaker and artist Kutluğ Atama and covers an area of around 1,000,000 m2 near the city of Erzincan. Arman Akdoğan and Felix Madrazo – founders of IND [Inter.National.Design] (NL) – are carrying out design-based research into the possibilities and meaning of a sustainable livestock shed and development of the terrain. The start phase consists of the development of a concept. Here they will combine the latest technologies from the agricultural sector in the Netherlands with the best traditional farming methods in Turkey. The design is a pioneering project in terms of sustainability in Turkey, with the emphasis on recycling, reuse and the health and welfare of animals. The subsequent phase will involve working towards a master plan. Cultural programming forms part of this, in order to experience the area. Besides Turkish farmers, students and academics, various experts will be involved, including Kees van Reenen (assistant professor Animal Production Systems Group at Wageningen University), Peter Mensinga (multidisciplinary designer/engineer), Barış Samir (biogas/biomass expert) and Özgür Şahin (sustainable energy). Just as in many other Turkish farming cities, many young people are moving to the city for economic reasons.