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Open Call Exceptional Presentations

The Creative Industries Fund NL calls on presentation institutions, exhibition spaces, museums or new initiatives to come up with a proposal to develop a distinctive presentation that will show the qualities and meaning of contemporary architecture, design and digital culture to the public. The aim of the Fund is to enable a number of distinctive, bold or ambitious public presentations to be made each year.

By means of this open call, the Fund is creating an opening for surprising proposals within the creative industry that stimulate innovative presentations for a new or specific audience. Presentation spaces are invited to develop innovative presentations and exhibitions in which form, content and the intended audience reach are in line with each other. The applicant is asked to enter into a special collaboration with designers, makers, curators or other professional parties who are committed to design and audience reach.

Presentation institutions, exhibition spaces, museums or new initiatives can apply for the development of a non-standard, one-off, temporary presentation or exhibition and complementary activities. The proposal focuses on a presentation that can be physically visited in the Netherlands.

The subsidy should be used for research, experimentation and the development of form and content, and is explicitly aimed at renewing and strengthening the presentation of design and at reaching new or specific target groups. If the applicant receives a grant, they will be expected to work on making the knowledge acquired available to a professional audience.

For example, the subsidy can be used for:

Making it possible to deepen and reflect on a subject, theme or topicality within or related to the creative industry and to making it accessible;
Formulating a suitable presentation strategy for a new or specific target group;
Developing new innovative exhibition concepts that have never been seen before in the Netherlands; and
Involving designers in the composition and realization of form and content to define the presentation as a design task.

The open call has a budget of € 315,000 available. The requested realization grant is a minimum of € 50,000 and a maximum of € 150,000. It is also possible to submit a proposal for further exploration and research in preparation for an exceptional presentation or a proof of concept, up to a maximum amount of €10,000.

Presentation institutions may submit a proposal until 2 October 2019 via the online application environment of the Creative Industries Fund NL. Select the round '19OC.20' Open Call – Exceptional Presentations Creative Industry.

The proposal consists of:

1. A project plan (max. 10 pages in text and images, PDF in A4 format), including at least:
a brief description of the subject, theme or topicality of the presentation to be developed. Indicate which task in developing a presentation this proposal is aimed at and which components the presentation will consist of – including elements such as a side programme. Describe which target group(s) the presentation is aimed at. Indicate which design disciplines the project is aimed at, or which disciplines are being deployed to highlight the theme. Identify and motivate the purpose of the presentation, the form, the context and the intended result. Explain how the presentation can contribute to an intended long-term development for the applicant.
insight into the research and development process in the realization of the project and an explanation of how this distinguishes itself from common methods of making presentations. Explain with a plan of action.
a strategic vision on audience reach and communication.
a brief description of the parties/partners involved, their expertise and relevance in the project.
if further exploration and research is requested in preparation for an exceptional presentation or a proof of concept: describe the experiment or research study and the activities, and explain the intended deepening and knowledge development. Give a broad overview of the intended presentation and the final result.
2. Planning of activities and budget, including a coverage plan that provides insight into the co-financing. It also specifies the components for which subsidy is being requested. Reasonable and appropriate co-financing is expected (max. 2 pages PDF in A4 format).
3. A concise CV or bio of the parties involved (max. 2 pages PDF in A4 format).
4. Letters of intent from the collaborating parties (max. 2 pages PDF in A4 format).
5. Visual material of the work to be presented (max. 15 pages PDF in A4 format).
6. A recent extract from the register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
7. A representative image of the presentation (for Fund communication purposes).

If the submission does not comply with the above description, no evaluation of the proposal can take place.

NB. Request your login details for the online application environment in time and become familiar with the application form. Validation of a new user account can take up to one working day.

The Fund, together with external consultants, selects a number of proposals from the applications received. The advisers evaluate the proposal to guage how consistent it is in purpose and design and the extent to which these meet the criteria for this open call. The advisers base their judgement on the following criteria:

the relevance and urgency of the presentation task;
the degree of innovation in approach, form and strategy;
a distinctive vision on audience reach; and
the exemplary way in which cultural organisations collaborate with designers and makers to achieve artistically high-quality results.

The criteria are evaluated in relation to each other.

In the case of a proposal for further exploration and research in preparation for an exceptional presentation or a proof of concept, the proposal will be evaluated on the degree of expectation that the final result will contribute to the objectives of the open call. Within this round, a maximum of four proposals can be selected for further exploration or proof of concept.

The evaluation takes the form of a tender: this means that, within the available budget, a number of proposals are preferred to other submissions. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals. Rejected proposals will receive a negative decision.

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail at the latest one week after the closing date.
The selection of proposals will be announced by e-mail. The Fund aims to announce the results in December 2019 and will contact those selected.

The processing and evaluation of the proposals submitted will be carried out within the framework of the Subsidy Regulations. Any subsidy will be awarded on the basis of the Subsidy Regulations. Important in this context is Article 7, paragraph 2, which allows for a special procedure for open calls.
The following articles in these Regulations do not apply to this open call:

Article 5, paragraph 3, under a;
Article 11, paragraph 2, under a and c, and paragraph 3, under a;
Article 13, under b;
Articles 16 to 21; and
Article 22, paragraph 3.

The open call follows the Subsidy Regulations and focuses specifically on these objectives in the Regulations:
stimulating research, analysis and reflection;
advancing social commitment and public activities;
promoting the professionalization of the design practice and exemplary commisioning.
The grants are provided from the additional funds that Minister Van Engelshoven of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has made available to the Fund for Talent Development & Innovation.

who is the call aimed at?
The Fund invites established museums, presentation institutions and exhibition spaces as well as new initiatives to submit a proposal. The expectation is that unique collaborations in particular between these parties can lead to exceptional proposals.

Applications may be submitted by cultural institutions or organizations located in the Netherlands. NB: this open call deviates from the Subsidy Regulations, and institutions with a structural subsidy relationship with central government may also submit an application. This therefore also applies to the institutions that are being supported by the Fund for a number of years.
For presentations that are part of or stem from a project or programme that is already being wholly or partly financed by the government or the Fund, no subsidy can be applied for under this open call.
The organization must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
The Fair Practice Code must be applied for payment of the designers involved and other parties for their contribution to the project.
Design studios that apply for the presentation of their own work are excluded from participation.

The Creative Industries Fund NL will organize this open call three times. The first closing date is Wednesday 2 October 2019. The second open call will be in March 2020 and the third in August 2020. A budget of € 315,000 is available for each open call round.

Would you like to know more?
If you have any questions about the open call and the procedure, please contact the Creative Industries Fund NL by telephone at 010-4361600 or by e-mailing Eva Roolker.