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Open Call Professionalization Design Practice #5

The Creative Industries Fund NL gives an impulse to the deepening of the practice and professionalization of designers and design studios within the field of design. Designers and studios have until 6 November 2019 to submit proposals for the development of a distinctive strategy to achieve a future-proof practice.

Note: this open call has ended.

Developing a long-term vision and strategy is important for your design practice. In a professional practice, you need to plan time for both your artistic development and your development as an entrepreneur. How do you find the right balance between the two? What is your vision of the future and what strategy can you use to achieve this?

The Fund is working on a future-proof design field by stimulating connections between culture, entrepreneurship and society. By facilitating exemplary research in the areas of reflection and deepening of the practice, the Fund aims to strengthen the design field. A design practice responds to current events in the design field and in society and benefits from an up-to-date development strategy.

Submit a proposal for an investigation into a suitable strategy for the development and deepening of your design practice. Identify the expertise needed to give specific form to the strategy and to implement it. Consider in the proposal the reflection on the development of your own practice in relation to the position in the field.

Wednesday 6 November 2019 is the closing date for submitting the proposal via the Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment. Select the round 'Open Call' and then the round 'Professionalization Design Practice #5'.

Your proposal consists of:
1. a concise and coherent project plan focused on reflection, practice development and possible implementation (max. 7 pages in A4 format, PDF) containing:
a. a vision on the positioning and future vision of your own design practice;
b. a clear issue in your own practice for long-term development;
c. an action plan with substantiation and clarification concerning at least two partners/advisers involved in concretization and/or implementation (e.g. through the provision of guidance or an exchange of knowledge);
d. an explanation of the intended impact on your own practice, in terms of both artistic development and entrepreneurship.

2. a budget with planning (max. 2 pages in A4 format, PDF);
3. a concise CV (max. 2 pages in A4 format, PDF);
4. a portfolio of recent and relevant work (max. 10 pages in A4 format, PDF);
5. a recent extract from the register of the Chamber of Commerce.

NB. Request your login details for the online application environment on time and become familiar with the application form. Validation of a new user account can take up to one working day.

The Fund, together with external advisers, selects a number of proposals from the applications received. The advisers evaluate the proposal to gauge how consistently it has been organized and the extent to which it meets the criteria of the Grant Programme for Design and this open call.

The advisers apply the following criteria:

the artistic quality of the portfolio;
the quality of the action plan in relation to the intended result;
the quality of the contribution of the partners/advisers involved.

conditions for participation in this open call:

the designer has had their own practice within the field of design for at least four years;
the proposal shows that the designer faces limitations in the current practice;
the proposal reflects the ambition to take the practice to a higher professional level;
there are at least two partners or parties with which there is a collaboration or by whom knowledge is being gained. The reason for choosing these partners or parties is substantiated;
the proposal will be completed within nine months of the announcement of the selection.

The evaluation takes the form of a tender: this means that, within the available budget, a number of proposals are preferred to other submissions. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals. Rejected proposals receive a negative decision. The Fund aims to make its announcement before 23 December 2019.

The maximum contribution is €7,500. The Fund aims to support a maximum of 10 projects;

No application can be made for regular running costs, such as studio rent, office costs, the development of a corporate identity and website, obtaining legal advice or for the further development of an existing design.

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail at the latest one week after the closing date.

more information
If you have any questions about the open call and the procedure, please contact the Fund by telephone at 010-4361600. Or send an e-mail to staff member Lion Zeegers or Andrea Kristić. For this open call you may not submit a draft proposal to the Fund for advice.

This open call is being issued for the fifth time and will be repeated in 2020.

This open call has its legal basis in the Subsidy Regulations and the Grant Programme for Design.