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Open Call: Talent Development in an International Context 2018

Creative Industries Fund NL is inviting architects, designers, makers, critics and/or curators who are trailblazers in the creative industries to submit a proposal for an international project. A stipulation for support is that the project involves a collaboration and/or presentation with an international institution, organization or enterprise with an excellent reputation. With the Open Call: Talent Development in an International Context, the Fund is enriching the artistic and professional development of creatives who are undertaking an exceptional collaboration with a foreign partner. This is the first open call in a series of three that will be announced each autumn through to 2020.

  • This open call has ended

    the brief
    This series of open calls has been made possible thanks to the supplementary budget (announcement in Dutch) that Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven made available to the Fund in 2018 to give an extra boost to internationalization & talent development in the creative industries. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) is keen to help leading talents to position themselves internationally with this supplementary support.
    For this 2018 open call, Creative Industries NL is setting aside €125,000. The maximum grant per project is €25,000.

    Depending on the project, the collaborations can take a diversity of forms, such as a research project, presentation or residency.

    The stipulations for a project being eligible for a grant are:
    the designer/creative/architect must rank among the leading talents in the creative industries;
    the designer/creative/architect has Dutch nationality or has a practice that is registered in the Netherlands;
    the foreign partner boasts an excellent reputation;
    at least 50% of the total project costs are covered by co-funding, of which a substantial proportion will be contributed by the foreign partner;
    a form of presentation that is relevant for the project is included as the conclusion of the process;
    there is no question of a commissioner/client relationship between the two parties.

    The application can be submitted up to and including Wednesday, 7 November 2018 via Creative Industries Fund NL's online application environment. Select 'Open Call: Talent Development in an International Context 2018' from the pull-down menu.

    The application must consist of:
    1. a plan / description of the activities (max. 10 pages in A4 format), including:
    the rationale for how the project contributes to the development of your own professional and artistic practice;
    a clear and concise description of the international activities that will be undertaken;
    a concise description of the foreign institution, organization or enterprise (or combination thereof) that is involved;
    a motivation for the choice of this partner (or partners);
    a declaration of intent that includes an explanation by the foreign institution, organization or enterprise about the collaboration and the intended outcome;
    2. budget + planning: an overview of estimated costs, income and planning, including an estimated number of working hours
    3. CVs of the parties involved, with relevant information about experience that is relevant to the proposed project (max. 2 pages).
    4. a portfolio from the creative/designer and information about the partner (max. 10 pages in A4 format)
    5. proof of registration with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) or a foreign equivalent.

    If the application fails to satisfy the description outlined above, it cannot be put forward for evaluation.
    Apply for your login for the online application environment in good time and familiarize yourself with the application form. The validation of a new user account can take up to one working day.
    You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail within one week after the deadline.
    In order to receive a grant you must be registered with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).

    The evaluation of the applications involves consulting with a committee of external advisers. This panel prioritizes a number of proposals. The committee determines to what extent the proposal:
    contributes to talent development: the project fosters the further artistic or professional development of individual talent;
    promotes artistic quality: the project is focused on the continuation, further development and promotion of one's personal aptitude, while the designer in question will be seen as an inspiring example for colleagues and a broader interested public;
    strengthens the international reputation of contemporary Dutch creative industries.

    The committee will specifically consider:
    the extent to which the designers, creatives, critics and/or curators from the creative industries (digital culture, design, architecture) rank among the country's trailblazers and occupy a distinctive position;
    the extent to which the foreign institution, organization or enterprise involved has an outstanding reputation;
    the level and means of co-funding by the foreign partner;
    the extent to which the proposed plan contributes to the ongoing artistic and professional development of the applicant;
    the quality and form of the collaboration;
    the extent to which the proposal is consistent in intent and purpose, the expertise involved and public reach;
    the extent to which it is relevant for the Netherlands.

    The evaluation takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals will be prioritized within the available budget.

    Creative Industries Fund NL has allotted a maximum of €125,000 for this open call. The maximum grant per application is €25,000, including BTW/VAT where applicable. The grant is emphatically intended for international activities that contribute to the artistic and/or professional development of designers, creatives, critics and/or curators who are active in the creative industries.

    Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt by email within a week of the deadline. The selection of the proposals will be announced by e-mail. The Fund will strive to make its announced by mid-December 2018 and will contact the selected parties.

    The Open Call procedure is described in the Fund's General Subsidy Regulations.

    There is no opportunity to submit a draft proposal to the Fund's secretariat for advice.

    background information
    In 2019 the Fund will be organizing a number of gatherings with the current selection as well as completed projects from the period 2014-2018. These meet-ups are intended for the various projects to exchange expertise and experiences. Follow the links below (text in Dutch only) for an overview of projects that were supported in previous rounds of the Open Call: Talent Development in an International Context:
    selectie 2016
    selectie 2015
    selectie 2014

    For questions about the open call and procedure, please contact Anselm van Sintfiet by e-mail: a.vansintfiet@stimuleringsfonds.nl, or by phone: +31 (0)10 436 1600.