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A Woven Cosmos, Spinning a yarn


€ 20.000

Studio Jongeriuslab is bringing together a team of designers and knowledge partners in an experimental study into technical, industrial innovation in the area of use and re-use of textile waste. Jongeriuslab sees that not only consumers, but also designers are increasingly alienated from the automated production process in factories. In this research study, the team is itself developing a number of new machines and presenting them in the exhibition space Gropius Bau, Berlin. The machines will be further developed here during interactive workshops in small groups with members of the public and designers. By, for example, making their own yarn from old clothing, the team aims to create more awareness in a direct and creative way. The designers involved are: Jos Klarenbeek, Vera de Pont, Sarah Meyers, Laura Fugmann, Adrianus Kundert, Marie Rime, Jonas Stracke and Rosana Escobar. Knowledge partners include the Composite Materials Group from KU Leuven and RWTH Aachen University. The expected opening is in late April 2021.