grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call

(An)other Vernacular

Afaina de Jong & Grafikens Hus

€ 25.000

(An)other Vernacular is a collaboration between architect Afaina de Jong and Grafikens Hus, a museum for graphic design in Södertälje, Sweden. In the project (An)other Vernacular, De Jong investigates how spatial and graphic elements can construct identity and presence within the context of the 21st-century city. (An)other Vernacular evaluates the dominant architectural paradigm within contemporary urban life. The project aims to create a public space that offers a different perspective to the dominant culture.
The first part of the project is based on on-site research in the form of direct observation of people and communities in their urban environment. In addition to this research, the Grafikens Hus facilitates monthly participatory design workshops with Afaina de Jong and local residents. The project results in the design of a public pavilion to be opened in the summer of 2020.

This project was honored from the Open Call Talent Development in an International Context 2018