grants issued

Talent Development Grant Programme

Asefeh Tayebani

Asefeh Tayebani obtained her bachelor's degree in Product Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2018. In her practice, she deals with subjects that are full of misconceptions and stigmas. In the coming year, Tayebani will focus on two projects. The first is the continuation of the project 'But you don't look autistic', a research project with which she collects and presents information about autism in women and non-binary people, with the aim of starting a dialogue about the subject. For this purpose, the applicant is developing an online platform, together with graphic designer Fallon Does. The second project is a material research into the concept of 'wounds', under the name 'Leaving Traces'. She also wants to learn different techniques to restore and repair materials such as textiles and metal. Ultimately, she wants to present the material research by means of an exhibition and a publication. Mediamatic is being considered as the location for the launch of the online platform.