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Baltan Laboratories

€ 200.000

Granted under condition, € 100,000 per year for two years

Baltan Laboratories describes itself as a network and knowledge organization on local and international scales. The foundation calls itself a 'lab for 21st Century t(h)inkering' and focuses on fundamental research into 'real world challenges'. In its programme for the coming year, Baltan is focusing on four themes: 'homo sensorium', 'homo sociologicus', 'homo economicus' and 'homo ludens'. These are evident in various research projects, workshops, artist residencies and presentations. According to Baltan, as humans we are permanently situated 'in paradoxical fields of meaning'. In order to develop an holistic portrayal of humankind the lab fosters artistic research that is pre-eminently concerned with such paradoxes. With its programme Baltan aims to inspire cross-fertilization between art, science, design and technology. Baltan collaborates with cultural institutions such as the Van Abbe Museum and STRP, as well as with educational institutions such as the Design Academy, Creative Lab Brainport, Fontys ICT, HKU and Avans Den Bosch. The Lab also has structural collaborations with enterprises such as St. Trudo, Fourtress, Holst Centre, Sensiks, Nobleo, Philips and Joanknecht. International collaborative partners include LATRA (Greece), Thought Works (NYC) and RIXC (Latvia).