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Benny Nilsen & Spatial Media Laboratories – Expanded Field Recording

Benny Nilsen & Spatial Media Laboratories

€ 25.000

Sound artist Bennie Nilsen will work with Spatial Media Laboratories (SML) to investigate how he can expand his current practice of sound art and field recording into the visual domain. In his project 'Expanded Field Recording', Nilsen examines how the experience of landscape and time can be intensified and 'expanded' by working with VR and 3D technologies. The locations and landscapes that Nilsen focuses on are former industrial sites such as waste dumps and military terrains. These sites have often been repurposed, so that the site's history and the traces thereof are hard to see, or only indirectly. Through Expanded Field Recording, Nilsen wishes to make the complex histories of such locations tangible. SML is a new workplace in Rotterdam where makers can develop technological applications. SML shares its knowledge, materials and network. A theoretical-reflective layer will be added to the project in collaboration with SML. To this end, Nilsen intends to work with a scientific researcher in SML's network. The results will be presented at the end of 2019 during a public meetup in Worm.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent