grants issued

Talent Development Grant Programme

Bodil Ouedraogo

Bodil Ouedraogo graduated from the fashion department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2019. Her practice consists of designing wearable clothing as well as producing installations and videos, with a focus on expressing her own bicultural identity. Her development plan focuses on the development of two new 'chapters' that together as presentations tell a story about radiating pride through the phenomenon of 'dressing up'. The first project is a performative show about the traditional 'grand boubou', a three-piece suit worn in West Africa. Ouedraogo wants to project video material onto the large amount of fabric in this garment. To do this, she will collaborate with dancer and choreographer Christiaan Yav and director Florian Johan. The second project concerns an investigation into the expression of pride through wealth in the West African art of 'dressing up'. To carry out this research, Ouedraogo will travel to Mali and Nigeria and collaborate with JeanPaul Paula and Stephan Tayo. Through photography and print, Ouedraogo establishes a link between the expression of wealth in jewellery and accessories, in the fashions of West Africa and Western Europe. Possible locations for the presentations of both projects include Amsterdam Fashion Week and Foam.