grants issued

Cascoland Tokyo Presentation Exchange Trip


€ 7.500

At de Eendagszaak, residents with specific qualities and talents can try out whether their ideas for neighbourhood services can be turned into viable businesses. Successful shopkeepers are given the opportunity to extend their activities to one of the vacant spaces in the street and to set up their own shop. A number of them have already made that step. Slowly the community of neighbourhood shopkeepers is growing. What they share is an interest and a dedication to their neighbourhood and the wellbeing of its residents. In a collaboration between Cascoland and Rochdale, the Van Deysselstraat shopkeepers are creating a community of care. In addition to this social programme, Cascoland performed some first physical interventions in the public spaces in the neighbourhood. Very simple first interventions immediately made a huge difference. The combination of the social programme and the physical interventions in the street are the first steps towards change. On 19 November 2019, the Cascoland projects in Amsterdam were visited by the Japanese social housing cooperation Urban Renaissance Agency (UR), a government-affiliated company with a housing stock of 700,000 dwellings in Japan. Another visitor was Real Public Estate (Re-public Estate), which works to match public property with private users, and specialising in architecture, community development and community management. Cascoland, UR and Re-public Estate share a common interest in the development of post-war neighbourhoods in transition. The guests were impressed by Cascoland's out-of-the-box approach and by the equal role a Dutch creative collective can play in the collaboration with public authorities and corporations.

Now Cascoland has been invited by UR and Re-public Estate to give a presentation of their work in Tokyo, to organise a workshop with them and to start a collaboration based on its in-house expertise. The goals are to find new methods of bottom-up development in Japan, to develop 'shared spaces & services' that are multi-functional, -national and –generational, and to invest in social programmes that can inform a process of renovating social housing in post-war neighbourhoods in Tokyo.

'Cascoland Tokyo Presentation Exchange Trip' receives the Voucher for international knowledge sharing and further development of the design research Cascoland Van Deyssel / De Eendagszaak previously developed under the Open Call Designing a Community of Care. More information about the Voucher Programme Action Agenda International is available here.