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Chiara Dorbolò

Chiara Dorbolò

€ 24.000

Architect Chiara Dorbolò graduated from the Academie van Bouwkunst/Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Academy of Architecture/Amsterdam University of the Arts) with a master's degree in 2017. Chiara's work is centred on the role of architecture in the current, profit driven, socioeconomic system. She aims to offer a different perspective which could redefine the significance of the discipline. She wants to develop an approach that combines architectural criticism with design and focuses on a sustainable future. In the coming year, Chiara is going to research remarkable visionary and utopian practices from the sixties and seventies that push the boundaries of the architectonic discipline. She is also developing her storytelling by learning new skills in the areas of creative writing, visual techniques and the performing arts. In the end she will present a collection of conceptual subjects, titled 'Ordinary Utopian Follies', to serve as a manifesto for her new approach to architecture.