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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

Connecting Deltas

Shift Works, Art of Co-creation, Nieuwplaatz, IceAlex en Abdalla Daif

€ 20.000

In the previous phase, Art of Co-creation (NL), Shift Works (NL), Nieuwplaatz (NL), IceAlexinnovation hub (EG) and AbdallaDaif (EG) set up an Urban Learning Lab and educational programme on the theme of local water issues in the Egyptian Delta. The team brought together approximately 450 participants, including members of the local population, farmers, entrepreneurs, water experts, researchers, engineers, designers and artists. The project aims to encourage innovative, bottom-up solutions and to create a local community that is adaptable and resilient in the face of various water-related threats. TU Delft and Alexandria University are involved with this project as scientific partners.

In this follow-up phase, the team will focus on further knowledge sharing and on establishing a long-term partnership with two universities. The team will organise a week-long creative workshop programme where one Dutch and five Egyptian designers will convert the acquired knowledge and experience into a cartoon book and posters/stickers. The team will also manage the Connecting Delta's website for a period of three years with content such as interviews with new local initiatives, and will launch a monthly newsletter with a focus on climate change and its effects on the Egyptian Delta water cycle. The team will further invite an associate professor, who wants to continue this project in Egypt, for a visitor's programme in the Netherlands and a lecture at TU Delft.

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