grants issued

De kleinkijk academie

Sjaak Langenberg en Rosé de Beer

€ 10.000

Social designers Sjaak Langenberg and Rosé de Beer work for the 'De kleinkijk academie' project in collaboration with disability organisation Severinus. For this project the partners will develop a new learning programme for the existing disability care course offered by Severinus. The majority of Severinus's clients have a severe mental disability which often results in sensory overload, hyperactivity and/or aggressive behaviour requiring a high level of support. This, together with the high workload of carers, means that it is difficult to involve this group in cultural participation activities. As a potential solution, the designers intend to develop interventions that can be used to transform everyday moments within the care process into shared cultural activities. Various experts in the areas of social design and art and performance as well as behavioural experts and client representatives will contribute to the development of master classes for care workers, which will form the foundation of the learning programme.