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Draping Poetry

Maryam Kordbacheh

€ 20.000

'Draping Poetry' concentrates on material and form research, focuses on the conceptual and philosophical view of the design process, studies and questions the fundamental aspects of design, and investigates items of clothing that go beyond their material meaning. The aim in this last phase is to develop and realize the knowledge and experience gained during the research phase. 'Draping Poetry' will result in a contemporary, conceptual and experimental art installation. As part of this, Kordbacheh will highlight the results of the material and form studies. In this way, she is trying to emphasize the process of designing. By connecting the worlds as the idea behind them, she wants to exhibit her work in Japan and the Netherlands in a different adapted way through photography and film. She believes that not being physically present will not prevent her from sharing her vision. Lastly, Kordbacheh is developing a publication.