grants issued


Rademacher de Vries Architects

€ 7.442

In the context of the Internationalisation voucher, Rademacher de Vries is collaborating with Cambridge University and Sanchez Benton to investigate the links between natural resource mining, new regional construction cultures and heritage. This study is based on the ENCI Energy Landscape project as an example of the interweaving of nature, industry and heritage. This unique area development was moreover made possible through an unusual partnership involving the commercial sector, the neighbourhood, nature organisations and the government.

The project has three international ambitions: to exchange knowledge, to contribute to education and to expand professional networks. The international exchange focuses on the extraction of building materials and the regional consequences in terms of construction culture and the landscape, based on the outcomes of the earlier ENCI Energy Landscape project. These experiences, and the role the Creative Industries Fund NL played in supporting the project, provide a relevant precedent that will be shared in a lecture at Cambridge University. This lecture is followed by a two-day workshop in which students reflect on the relationship between building materials and their source of extraction. The hypothesis is that a more systemic understanding of how building materials are sourced regionally can feed back into a more deliberate architectural sensibility. The third part of the exchange will be a professional meet-up with several young architectural practices in London through a working dinner around the theme of regional design in peri-urban contexts.

'Extractions UK/NL' will receive the Voucher for the international knowledge sharing and further development of the design research ENCI Energy Landscape - Het onverenigbare verenigd, previously developed under the Open Call New Energy for the Landscape II. More information about the Voucher Programme Action Agenda International is available here.