grants issued

Talent Development Grant Programme

Fana Richters

Fashion designer and interdisciplinary artist Fana Richters was selected during the Scout Night Amsterdam. In the coming year, she wants to further develop her artistic, technical and presentation skills. She is doing this by means of the project 'The Walking Exhibition', in which she builds a bridge between the artistic world and the fashion industry. Surrounded by experts and advisers in various fields, including fashion and textiles, she will develop a series of suits. A central role is played by her own photography handwriting, which is characterized by collage techniques. The suit is being made under the supervision of Marlon Lima, who will oversee the embroidery process and can advise on various possibilities. In addition, Richters is calling on the expertise of Geobella Fini, who will help to develop digital sketches and conceptual fashion. According to Richters, sustainability is an indispensable element and she certainly wants to demonstrate this in the design by using the natural plant hemp, among other things. The final product will be presented during a fashion show where Richters aims to become acquainted with a commercial manner of presentation.