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Fanfare for Tokyo Art Book Fair – Unlearn, Display, Connect

Stichting Fanfare

€ 6.960

Platform and design studio Fanfare presents the programme 'Unlearn, Display, Connect' during the Virtual Tokyo Art Book Fair from 16 to 23 November 2020. In this programme, Fanfare wants to show the strong interdisciplinary approach of the Dutch graphic design field and the key role the field plays in the communication between different sectors. For three parts (learning / displaying / connecting) Fanfare has invited a selection of Dutch designers, collectives and 'peers' to record a podcast in which they go into the content of these subjects in greater depth. Participants include: Roosje Klap, David Bennewith, Jurgen Bey, Kunstverein, Hackers & Designers, Paradyme (NXS), Enter enter, Cosmos Carl and Richard Niessen.