grants issued

Talent Development Grant Programme

Frances Rompas

Filmmaker and biologist Frances Rompas was selected during the Scout Night in Utrecht. In her practice, she focuses on telling fictional, satirical and autobiographical stories in the form of immersive film and video installations. According to Rompas, transgenerationally conferred expectations and ideas about the country of origin are mainly based on emotions and memories. The image of the fatherland, or as Rompas prefers to put it, the motherland, can be romanticized as a result. With an interactive video installation, Rompas takes the viewer into a personal process in which she investigates what ethnicity means and how it can be deconstructed. In the coming year, she will experiment with miniatures, décor, shot design and object theatre. Part of the installation is an image that Rompas wants to create concerning a traditional ritual and costume. For this purpose, the filmmaker will seek a collaboration with costume designer Floor Nagler. By following different writing courses, Rompas wants to learn scriptwriting and methods for placing biographical material in a socio-political context. The presentation options are still open and depend on Rompas's research into spatial installations in relation to the public. To get a better grip on this aspect, Rompas is going to follow a course at the Instituto Europeo di Design.