grants issued

Talent Development Grant Programme

Funs Janssen

Funs Janssen obtained his bachelor's degree in Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2017. In his practice, he combines being an illustrator with the craftsmanship of stained glass. As an image-maker, he is concerned with metropolitanism and youth culture. In the coming year, he wants to research the history of visual culture, constantly questioning his position as maker and looking critically at contemporary visual culture. By means of a multidisciplinary research project in both theoretical and technical areas, he will search for an answer to the question: 'How can I apply the cinematographic aspect of my work more through the medium of stained glass in order to create iconic images?' He is following various workshops in the print techniques riso and screen-printing and the craft of stained glass. He is also bringing in the expertise of The Black Archives and sociologist Teana Boston-Mammah. Ultimately, he wants to develop a number of spatial works that contain a cinematographic aesthetic and invite dialogue. These works will be presented at galleries and art institutions.