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Talent Development Grant Programme

Gabriel Fontana

Designer and researcher Gabriel Fontana obtained his master's degree in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. In his design practice, he investigates how our bodies express, internalize and reproduce social norms. Fontana additionally proposes ways of unlearning this through interventions in the public space and activities in the fields of sport and education. His development plan focuses on two projects, with which he wants to lay a strong foundation in kinaesthetic learning and to specialize in the field of queer pedagogy. With the project 'Voice and (Hear)Archies', he is developing a series of new sport games in which voices, sounds and new ways of listening are used to bring about a change in the way power is exercised during sports. The project 'Safe(r) Landscapes' consists of a 'queering manual', a publication in which he proposes measures that schools can take to create a more inclusive environment. Fontana wants to broaden his view of the work field by working together with various professionals, including a gender geographer, secondary-school teacher and graphic designer. He also plans to give workshops at schools and institutions in the Netherlands and France. His work will be presented at Onomatopee in Eindhoven and at the international design biennale in Saint-Éttienne, among others.