grants issued

Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration → Product development



€ 20.000

'Grove' is an immersive audiovisual and sculptural installation, that is being created in a collaboration between 4DSOUND, Salvador Breed (NL), Philip Beesley (CA), Living Architecture Systems Group (CA) and W+N Studio (UK). The collaboration is a continuation of previously made connections. The current phase is concerned with research into the development of new technologies such as kinetic architecture, 3D-printed speakers and interactive software. 'Grove' combines film, audio and sculpture in the form of an installation that depicts the future of architecture. The installation has three components: an oval-shaped film projected onto the ground with digital visualizations of future architectural environments, an experimental spatial audio composition that can be heard through 3D-printed speakers and a series of cloud-like sculptures that create an enclosed, physical environment. The work will premiere at the Venice Architecture Biennale from 22 May to 21 November 2021. Afterwards, the work will travel to Delft and Toronto.