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Temporary Procedure for International Collaboration → Exhibition

Harvest! Collect! Re-Use! the new building site


€ 19.140

Since its foundation in 1997, Superuse has been working with reclaimed materials in their designs. One of the bureau's aims is to facilitate the reuse of materials in building practice. Here, the larger the scale, the better. In the Netherlands there is already widespread interest in reuse and in Germany interest is also growing. Superuse has been invited by curators Sally Below of Aufbauhaus Berlin and Nicola Borgmann of Architectuurgalerie München to contribute to an exhibition and peripheral programme to promote the subject of reuse in the building sector, and also to demonstrate the Superuse approach to the reuse of building materials and investigate it in a German setting. The exhibition presents example projects already realized and concepts with the various approaches to sustainable building. The common theme is the circular approach. Superuse will also be looking for local residual materials in Germany, which will be presented in the 'Harvest Map Germany'. If possible, samples will also be exhibited. In addition, Superuse wants to explore initiatives relating to circular building in Germany, show examples and exchange knowledge between the German and Dutch building sectors, in particular architects. With this exhibition, the creation of 'Harvest Map Germany', an accompanying series of lectures and a student programme in Berlin and Munich, Superuse expects to inspire stakeholders in the building sector and have a positive effect on the reuse of materials in the building sector in Germany.