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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

Harvesting Optimism

IND [Inter.National.Design]

€ 20.000

Harvesting Optimism is a film that showcases and shares the knowledge and results from the research project Closing the Circle with a wide audience. 'CLOSING THE CIRCLE' developed new design guidelines for closed loop farming systems. Arman Akdogan and Felix Madrazo – founders of IND, Inter.National.Design, are involved in this project, together with Turkish and Dutch researchers, innovative farmers and energy consultants.

In this follow-up phase the team is making a short documentary that addresses the themes from the design study, such as innovative agricultural practices, circularity, art, design and energy transitions. In this film, both Turkish and Dutch experts discuss on-site -- in Rotterdam, Erzincan, Almere, Istanbul and Bursa -- the experiments they are currently involved with. The film also shows some highlights from the Closing the Circle conference. It is the aim of this film to show new practices that are a positive driving force in the agricultural sector today, such as Dutch and Turkish sustainable farming projects that take a responsible approach to the environment, the city, animal welfare and sustainable use of resources. Onur Can Tepe (script writer), Gülfem Akdoğan (video editor) and Melis Eryiğit Samir (marketing & PR) are added to the core team to produce this film. Thereby, the team will get assistance from experienced filmmakers, among onthers Jasper Goldman and Stefan Malešević.

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