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Talent Development Grant Programme → Open call

Hortus Bionica

Studio Samira Boon & Sensor Lab

€ 25.000

Designer Samira Boon is working with Sensor Lab to perform explorative research into the integration of sensors in the 3D textile structures that the designer has developed in recent years. The goal of the study is to obtain insight into the specific processes and variables that influence a sensor-driven system. The results can be used to translate ambient conditions more efficiently into meaningful responses and actions, which can then be used to create more sustainable, adaptive and interactive architecture. Specifically, data is collected on how Archifolds 2.0 responds to elements such as light, UV rays and temperature. Furthermore, possibilities are examined on how to translate the data into relevant aspects such as user's experience. The final phase of the project includes the organisation of a meetup devoted to the innovative application of textiles and technology.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent