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How can we fuel AI with emotional data?


€ 15.980

We are data. Every movement, every action, every choice we make generates data. Is this what we want? Do we want to hand over this data to parties unknown to us? How far may technology penetrate our private domain? To answer these questions, the 'We are data mirror cube' is travelling to Vienna. This multimedia installation is part of the Artificial Intelligence exhibition at the Technisches Museum in the Austrian capital from November 2020 to July 2022. In collaboration with the museum and local partners, We are data is organizing a (digital) event in May 2021 with the theme 'How can we fuel AI with emotional data?'. The aim of this content-based programme is to provide the audience with a creative, playful and interactive way to gain a deeper insight into the effects of technology and data within our society. The discussion topics are linked to the three steps needed to feed AI with emotional data: individuals with their data, technical possibilities to read and process this data, and thirdly the application of this data. Each of these steps has its own limitations, advantages and dangers. The programme is supported audiovisually with three films based on interviews with experts in the field of data and AI. These films will subsequently be used for online communication, educational purposes and as a possible future programme at other locations.