grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 1

Inclusive regenerative fashion in Turkey

Knitwear Lab, Bersa Triko, Marmara University

€ 15.000

'Inclusive regenerative fashion in Turkey' focuses on creating more awareness and developing creative solutions for the waste from the large-scale textile and cotton industry in Istanbul. Knitwear Lab works together with local knitting manufacturer Bersa Triko, the Textile department of Marmara University, yarn developer Espima Tekstil and recycling company in cotton and polyester materials Gama Recycle Elyaf Ve Iplik. Although in the Netherlands possibilities for recycling used textiles are mainly being explored on the consumer side, Turkey plays a major role in the production within the textile chain. The team sees opportunities to develop new products from this industrial waste. The waste is clean and can be sorted more easily by colour. The initial phase consists of material research to investigate how regenerated fibres can be developed into good quality yarn. Experiments are underway with this new type of yarn and the team expects this to lead to innovative knitting techniques. Prototypes are being developed for a sustainable hat and scarf collection for a broad target group. Knitwear Lab shares the knowledge and experience gained with other Dutch and Turkish designers and relevant courses of study.