grants issued

Integrative Hout Werk Plaats

Robin Weidner

€ 10.000

Robin Weidner, together with care organisation Reinearde, will work on the 'Integrative Hout Werk Plaats' (Integrated Wood Workshop) project. Weidner wants to involve the residents of the institution in the creative process and will carry out a design study. Lots of residents find it difficult to use tools and this can lead to unsafe situations. By designing special tools, the residents can be introduced to woodworking skills in workshops. The workshops are part of the institute's leisure programme and people from outside the facility can also take part. This enables the residents to interact with others who live in the local area. With these workshops Weidner also hopes to create an earnings model based on the sale of products. The product sales will also enable Reinaerde to become more financially independent.