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Marwan Magroun

Marwan Magroun

€ 24.000

Marwan Magroun is a photographer and art director with a passion for the city of Rotterdam. Magroun feels that issues such as emancipation, integration and the diversity of the city are not or rarely represented in the visual culture and he aims to change this. His development plan focuses on the 'Life of Fathers' project, where Magroun looks at fathers with a bicultural background who are actively involved in the parenting process. According to Magroun, a lot of fathers feel they need to resist the stereotypical images projected onto them. Magroun uses a series of photographs and a documentary to give an intimate look into these fathers' lives. Marwan Magroun would like to have a residency with the photographer and filmmaker Khalik Allah for the further professionalisation and artistic development of his work. 'The Life of Fathers' will be shown at various venues, possibly including the IFFR.