grants issued

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes → Programme


€ 480.000

Granted under condition, € 240,000 per year for two years

Mediamatic is a development institution for innovative art forms that was established in 1983. The platform was previously focused on electronic technology. In recent years this focus has shifted towards developments in biotechnology, sustainability and food production, based on the conviction that dwindling confidence in classic technology has led to renewed interest in processes and products that are more natural. In its programme, Mediamatic places the multidisciplinary research of the makers at the core. Mediamatic describes its primary objective as organizing mutually inspiring exchange in the field, with the diversity of subjects being tackled in various forms. In 2019 Mediamatic is organizing various exhibitions, including the 'Acoya Pearl Project', workshops, interventions and presentation evenings, such as the 'Bio Talks', about bio-art and -design; 'Odorama', about olfactory art, design and research; 'Secretopia', about the human body and its biology; and the 'Zuursalon', about fermented food. It is also pursuing various long-term research programmes, such as 'Secretopia' about the culture of the body, its fluids and excretions, and is launching the 'Oosterdok Olfactory History' study. Besides the 3Package Deal programme of year-long residencies (with Waag and VU), over the coming years Mediamatic will be offering short-term residencies to six young makers each year. Mediamatic has been running its own restaurant since it moved its base to the Dijksgracht in Amsterdam. Mediamatic ETEN is also a platform for projects such as 'Neo-Futurist Dinners', 'Aquaponics', 'Kool Kabbage', 'Haeckel' and 'Edible Cutlery'.