grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

Mersin Citylab

Play the City, Mersin University

€ 20.000

In the previous phase, Play the City (NL) and Mersin University (TR) developed, together with local partners, city game sessions as an interactive means to work with various stakeholders to design an integrated urban transformation plan for two city boroughs (Demirtas en Alsancak) around the Murtu River in the Turkish city of Mersin. The sessions focused on the following five themes: housing, water, mobility, urban agriculture and the local economy. Around 200 participants came together, including community organisations, NGOs, various departments of the municipality, water companies, the architects' association and experts in each field. Partners include: SokakBizim Istanbul, Amsterdam Rainproof, Mediamatic and city lab Buiksloterham.

In this follow up phase, the team will focus on further strengthening the new city lab and on expanding the activities. The activities consist of: 1) organising new game sessions in another city borough, the fast growing Mezitli district, with a particular focus on encouraging women and migrants in the local economy to participate, 2) developing a new game session around sustainable food/slow food, 3) establishing an agreement with the Mersin municipality to implement the plans, 4) publishing a book about the process of setting up the Mersin Citylab and the results so far. The publication gives examples from both Mersin and Amsterdam and is written by Turkish and Dutch experts and stakeholders. The team intends to organise a book launch during the We Make The City 2020 in Amsterdam event, followed by a book launch in Turkey.

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