grants issued

Māku - wearable for long-term medicine research


€ 30.000

With the 'Māku' project, Ann.ID design studio aims to put patients with chronic muscle disease at the centre of long-term drug research. Together with Yumen Bionics and Samenwerkende Spierfondsen, Ann.ID combines fashion and smart health in a wearable that not only collects data for scientific research, but also provides valuable feedback to the patient. Remote healthcare and research are possible as a result. In the first phase, the current situation of medicine research was mapped out, and an investigation was carried out into how the wearable could fit in with the patient's identity and what insight into the data is relevant. In the second phase, several prototypes of the wearable and data application will be made to validate them with patients, and the steps required for further development into a medical aid will be investigated.