grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 1

Murmansk Project

Stichting Sonic Acts, Friday Milk

€ 15.000

Sonic Acts Foundation and Friday Milk are giving young, talented Russian and Dutch makers the opportunity to create new work that makes residents feel more connected to the identity of their city. Murmansk is a remote post-industrial city in the High North of Russia, which more and more inhabitants are leaving. The team wants to use digital culture to show the hidden stories and lost identity of the city in a new way. Three labs will be set up in Murmansk for artistic and speculative research. In the first, 'Field Recording Laboratory', the participants focus on observing and recording the broad range of sounds that represent the multiple layers in the city: from the silent sounds of the tundra to the industrial ambiance from the harbour. In the second, 'VR/AR Laboratory', the participants ask questions about the mechanism of human interactions in the city. By means of VR and AR technology, an interaction is created between the strong tradition of street art in Murmansk and art galleries. In the third, 'Speculative Writing Lab', independent writers and critics focus on ways of thinking and writing critically about urban life. They work on real or fictional interviews and speculative essays that sketch a future scenario for the Murmansk project. The results will be presented in an online report and during the Inversia Festival and the Sonic Acts Academy 2020.