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Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call phase 3

New Media Centre in Yekaterinburg


€ 20.000

SVESMI (NL), together with the Municipal Association of Libraries (MAL), the cultural department of the municipality of Yekaterinburg and The July 16 Agency, is working on a new type of social centre in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. The project continues to build on the physical structure of municipal libraries from the socialist welfare system that continue to have an important social role and reputation. The team states that this library network is ripe for renewal to better reflect the needs of contemporary society. It is the final aim of this project to truly transform 'library 17' within the library network into a New Media Centre, based on the draft design resulting from the research findings.

In this follow-up phase, the team aims to increase and strengthen support among various parties. They hope to achieve this by continuing the cultural programme through a series of special lectures under the title 'Stars in the Library'. The team will actively involve the press to encourage debate about a strategic repurposing of the library system in order to generate more attention for the project and the vision. The team aims to write two articles for strategic publication to place the project in an international context around the contemporary role and meaning of libraries as meeting places. At the same time, the draft design will be elaborated further into an Album, which will form the final part of the manual that was developed in phase 2. The team and the Municipal Association of Libraries will use this promotional document to inspire influential stakeholders. Phase three will therefore also focus on local politics, government and potential private investors in order to increase the opportunities for the actual transformation of 'library 17' in Yekaterinburg.

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