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Next Nature Network

€ 323.000

Granted under condition, € 120,000 per year for two years

Next Nature Network explores how we can design, build and live in a nature shaped by humans on the basis of a 50-year plan. The point of departure is the insight that technology is becoming so complex, intimate and autonomous that we experience it as a 'next nature'. Under the motto 'Humane Technology' the organization investigates how we can shape this next nature and live within it. The 2019–2020 programme is arranged into a trio of programme tracks: Intimate Technology, Next Natural Habitat and People of Tomorrow. The activities planned within these tracks include 'Next Senses': an investigation in which young designers speculate about new senses; 'ECOcoin.com': an alternative cryptocurrency that rewards positive sustainable actions; 'Future Food Formula': a mobile expo about personalized vegetables as the first step in the cooking process; and 'Save the Humans': a typographical film about the threats to the future of humankind. Next Nature Network will be investing in the nextnature.net online platform and is hoping to establish a fixed public location where next nature will be permanently on display. A diversity of partners are involved, depending on the content of the project. For example, Next Nature works with TU Eindhoven, the Maxima Medical Centre and Philips Design in the field of research, with the Dutch Design Week and WDCD for presentations, and with the VPRO, Trouw and De Correspondent as media partners.