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No Waste Challenge Tokyo

Stichting What Design Can Do

€ 20.000

The 'No Waste Challenge' by What Design Can Do is a worldwide design competition concerning the global problem of waste. In addition, smaller competitions are being set up relating to locally specific challenges in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders. After São Paulo, Mexico City, Delhi, Nairobi and Amsterdam, a new programme is now being set up together with cultural centre Shibaura House in Tokyo. The team is issuing an open call from January to April 2021 and will select three projects with the greatest expected impact. These winners will follow an after-course with workshops and master classes, where they will be guided further. The winners will also present the project during What Design Can Do in Amsterdam and in Mexico in 2022. Dutch designers / experts involved in this programme are: Hester van Dijk, Thomas Rau, Duran Lantink, Lonneke Gordijn, Rushabh Chheda, Dave Hakkens and Saskia van Stein.