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Open Call Contemporary use of crafts #2: Magliatheek

Survival of the Fashionest

€ 21.000

Survival of the Fashionest and De Amsterdamse Steek are compiling a catalogue or an archive that demonstrates the possibilities of handknitting techniques compared to machine knitting. In this way they aim to provide other designers with an overview of the various possibilities and to create a reference guide for future generations of hand knitters. The goal is to create an ever-evolving collection that can serve as a design tool for designers and can catalyse collaborations with hand knitters; as a source of inspiration for knitters to encourage them to further develop their skills; and as a (research) source for documentation and education which can be passed on to future generations in order to preserve this handicraft. The project consists of two parts: first, to set up the 'basic collection', and second, to manage the catalogue by adding contemporary applications.