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Open Call Morocco: Affordable Housing Casablanca

bureauSLA and Idmaj Sakan

€ 15.000

Affordable Housing Casablanca is investigating housing solutions, in particular for rural migrants settling in the suburbs of the city of Casablanca.
At the moment, the ‘informal’ housing sector is larger than the legal new-build. The informal housing lacks well-considered spatial embedding, while the new-build neighbourhoods lack social embedding. The ultimate aim is to design the most tangible possible new urban expansion. The design of this new residential neighbourhood will provide an innovative angle on rapid urban expansion from spatial, social, cultural and economic perspectives. This project serves as inspiration but also as a tangible recommendation for the ‘Villes Nouvelles’. The start phase comprises a quantitative spatial analysis of old and new settlements and a process to identify regulations and opportunities for financing or co-financing. The study is in two parts: a quantitative analysis of urban phenomena and data and a qualitative analysis based on interviews, photography and descriptions. On the basis of the findings, a location will be determined. The implementation in the subsequent phase is an alternative, more social approach and elaborated design for a new urban expansion of Casablanca, taking into account the applicable regulations. Affordable Housing Casablanca is a project by bureau SLA in collaboration with Idmaj Sakan. This organization focuses primarily on the realization of low-income housing and is particularly active in rehousing the residents of ‘bidonvilles’.