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Open Call Morocco: PLAY CITY

Network of Research & Architecture BV en MB Paysage

€ 15.000

Network of Research & Architecture (NoRA) maintains that urbanization in Rabat is not always accompanied by the development of well-used public spaces. The public spaces that do exist are too formal in many cases and do not really invite use. That is why NoRA proposes appropriating abandoned, open or residual spaces and reintroducing them as small-scale public places for daily city life recreation, such as playing. According to the team, these sites could contribute to social interaction, commitment to the neighbourhood, recreation and a feeling of being at home. In the start phase, the activities will consist of generating an inventory of potential locations, a survey and street interviews, a literature study and workshops and lectures. The team is involving specialists from various disciplines, including sociologists and other designers, for further collaboration. The method is hands-on and focuses on field work, where spaces are identified and the potential to transform them into ‘urban rooms’ is explored. In this way they are working towards a new design proposal for the next phase.
PLAY CITY is a project by NoRA in collaboration with MB Paysage and is led by landscape architect Mounia Bennani, who is based in Rabat.