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Open Call Morocco: Sahrij

Sara Frikech

€ 12.265

According to Sara Frikech, Meknes is on the brink of a transformation. The city will be modified to become an ‘Agropolis’ to attract foreign investment. When similar industrial zones were introduced in other areas of Morocco, rapid urbanization and expansion of the city followed. The same is expected to happen in Meknes, but the city is not prepared. Badly designed and over-populated neighbourhoods lead to spatial segregation and tension between newcomers and locals. If Meknes wants to prepare for its future, the local population must have access to information and be given the opportunity to express their concerns. This is one of the lessons from the forgotten water riots that resulted from similar transformations in the past. It is the reason that 'SAHRIJ' aims to make its findings accessible by mean of a set of cultural productions.
In the start phase, the team will investigate the network present and the strategies of the bottom-up creative economy (Generation 00) as a means to involve a broader, and especially younger, audience. The initiatives are brought into focus by means of interviews to identify the strengths of the different projects and to find possible links for collaboration with creative groups based in the Netherlands. These grassroots organizations include: Atelier de l’Observatoire, Le18, Think Tanger, Trankat and KIBRIT. In addition, they are gathering archive material and literature about the city of Meknes and the surrounding rural hinterland. The vision for the collaboration is in two parts: learning from each other and sharing this knowledge. Generation 00 is actively trying to close the aforementioned divide in Morocco, in a country with hardly any cultural infrastructure in place. The ultimate set of cultural productions will be further elaborated in the subsequent phase.