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Open Call Russia: LLTomsk One – Living Laboratory Tomsk

LEVS architecten

€ 14.990

In ‘LLT Tomsk One’, solutions are tested within the local context of the Living Laboratory Tomsk (LLT) to improve the design and use of public space. Tomsk is situated in the west of Siberia and is the student capital of Russia. The quality of the living environment around the student campus is however characterized by fragmented public spaces, a huge amount of traffic and dilapidated industrial buildings. This has a negative effect on the development and satisfaction of incoming students, who are after all important for the future of the city. In early 2017, LLT was set up by local authorities, academics and entrepreneurs as a centre for urban innovation, quality of life and economic growth. Living Laboratory Tomsk's ambition is to introduce a new manner of design-based thinking, to stimulate civic participation and community-building, to develop affordable design solutions and ultimately to realize a number of small-scale building projects for comfortable and healthy public spaces in a student district. The team consists of LEVS architecten (NL), SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw (NL), National Research Tomsk State University (RU), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (RU), Design Lab – University of Twente (NL), S&P Landscape Architects (RU), Style Architects (RU) and Tomsk Regional Administration (RU).