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Open Call Russia: Prototyping Future Energy with HSE

PHI Collective en National Research University, Higher School of Economics (HSE)

€ 15.000

‘Prototyping Future Energy’ is a joint study by the PHI Collective and the Russian National Research University and Higher School of Economics (HSE). The project focuses on a prototype for a ‘clean energy platform’ for self-sufficient microgrid communities, which is based on blockchain technology. The project is located in the far north of Russia. Here there are isolated communities which are often not connected to existing electricity networks and are dependent on expensive fossil fuels that can only be transported by road during one month in the year. With the ‘clean energy platform’, PHI Collective and HSE aim to generate more attention for investment in alternative forms of energy supply. The prototype will be a gaming platform for 1000 people, which provides an accessible way for the local community to meet, communicate and work together to create a self-sufficient microgrid. The ‘intelligent chatbot’ supports the local community here and gives information about such things as the weather and design tips and provides assistance with collaborations. The PHI Collective consists of an international multidisciplinary team of five experts: Yin Aiwen, Calum Bowden, Cory Levinson, Aleksandra Smirnova and Artem Stepanov, who met each other in 2017 during the Strelka Institute's think tank programme ‘The New Normal’. This project will also form part of HSE's research and innovation programme ‘Prototyping Future City’ and will involve students at this university in the development of the prototype.