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Open Call Turkey: Izmir Metabolic Cycling Network (IMCN)

FABRICations en WRI Turkey

€ 15.000

‘Izmir Metabolic Cycling Network’ (IMCN) is a design-based study by FABRICations (NL) and WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities (TR) in which bicycles are seen as a force for sustainable urban development and a way of tackling issues such as waste, gentrification and improvement of the public spaces. The ‘Izmir Sustainable Transportation Project’ by WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities concluded that the inhabitants of Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey, have a strong requirement for better cycle infrastructure. IMCN aims to reinforce this infrastructure by adding various functions to it. During the start phase, the team will analyze the mobility flows based on data collected, carry out field research and organize a workshop. In the subsequent phase, a series of local workshops will play a central role and the team will develop two end products: an interactive city map with the new cycle network and the key locations and an augmented reality interface app to involve the public and stakeholders in the spatial design. The municipality, the Izmir Tarih Project Center/Izmir Tarih Design Studio, TARKEM Association of Kemeralti Tradesman, Izmir Bicycle Association, BISIM Izmir Bike Sharing System and academics from Izmir High Technology University and Dokuz Eylül University will also be involved.