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Open Call Turkey: LÜLEBURGAZ BISIKLETE BINIYOR – cycling for a better city

Artgineering/ Novusens/ Sustainable Solutions

€ 15.000

‘LÜLEBURGAZ BISIKLETE BINIYOR – cycling for a better city’ is an integrated cycle strategy and road map for the city of Lüleburgaz, which functions as a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive urban development. In 2017, this medium-sized municipality organized the ‘Cycling Year’ with around 50 activities to promote acceptance of cycling with the emphasis on women. Sustainable Solutions (NL), Artgineering (BE) and Novusens (TR) are continuing the ambitions of the municipality and are developing a cycle plan where they will connect the creative ‘hubs’ in the city. These hubs are the seven social-cultural academies around and in the city centre: ‘Lüleburgaz Stars Motor-Bicycle Academy’, ‘Lüleburgaz Stars Women’s Academy’, ‘Lüleburgaz Stars Football Academy’, ‘Lüleburgaz Stars RC Circuit’, ‘Lüleburgaz Stars Art Academy’ and ‘Lüleburgaz Stars Swimming Academy’. On the basis of three workshops, an integrated framework will be drawn up, comprising three components: A) ‘hardware’ with the infrastructural elements, B) ‘software’ with the cultural, social and religious aspects, including a communication plan and C) ‘orgware’ consisting of an organizational and financial plan. In phase 1, the first two-day workshop will take place in Lüleburgaz, in which relevant policymakers, engineers, urban developers and creative entrepreneurs will participate. In addition, the municipality is planning on introducing a smart bicycle-sharing scheme. The team will investigate which system provides the best solution specifically for the location and will explore this with the users and visitors to the seven academies.