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Open Call Turkey: Toroslar Interactive CityLab

Stichting Play the City en Universiteit Mersin

€ 15.000

Play the City (NL) and the Faculty of Architecture at Mersin University (TR) are introducing an interactive method for city-making and are setting up the Toroslar Interactive CityLab in the municipality of Toroslar in the Mersin region. Since 1980, Mersin has become a destination for migrants and due to the uncontrollable population growth, various challenges have arisen, such as the social isolation of communities and the degradation of nature and historic areas. The municipality of Toroslar has asked Mersin University how they can create more social and sustainable awareness in inhabitants, investors and developers. In response, Play the City has become involved in the project. With the Toroslar Interactive CityLab, the team is aiming to influence the current practice of property development. In the lab, the team is developing an urban design vision for the archaeological district of Yumuktepe by the river Muftu. The vision will be translated into projects which can be worked on in the lab. With the help of the ‘city gaming’ method of Play the City, a broad spectrum of stakeholders – ranging from children, academics and local politicians to cultural organizations and urban developers – will be given the opportunity to have their say in an informal and playful setting and to participate in the public debate and decision-making processes. During the start phase, the game will be developed and the team will involve Dutch experts in the field of sustainability. The subsequent phase will include 6 game sessions with around 100 participants.