grants issued

Grant Programme for Multi-Year Programmes → Programme


€ 120.000

Granted under condition, € 60,000 per year for two years

Playgrounds is keen to investigate, foster and develop the post-digital visual culture of the moving image and digital media of today and tomorrow. In recent years the festival has evolved from a festival organization into a platform for post-digital visual culture that actively fosters links between makers, industry, education and the public, by means of the annual conference as well as a richly varied programme of activities, exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions and a talent development scheme. Playgrounds strives to present trend-setting work to a wide-ranging, international public, share knowledge and initiate new multimedia productions. The programme for 2019–2020 focuses on three pillars that question developments in visual culture from a different perspective:
1. 'Aesthetics of the (post)digital image', to investigate the relationship between technological developments and aesthetic expression;
2. 'Identity & character design', about the makeability of the human body and online identity;
3.'Visual storytelling', about the way in which technological means tell stories.
Playgrounds is associated with various organizations – regional, national and international. The programme partners include Klik Post Panic, MU, STRP, Pictoplasma, See no Evil, Hear no Evil, FITC and ADCN.