grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 1

Pomace: Learning Circularity from Olive

Random Works, Studio FG, Melis Baloglu Design, Zeytince Association, Can Gunduz, Bilge Demirtas, the municipality of Karaburun

€ 14.980

Industrial and product-design agency Random Works is conducting a cultural study and design experiment into the practice of olive cultivation in Karaburun, an area in the province of Izmir. The aim of this project is to increase awareness of circularity. The team is conducting design research into how local olive cultivation can be made circular. Questions that are being asked are: "What can be learned from existing local practices relating to circularity by exploring the culture and material artefacts?" and "How can existing practices be improved within the context of circularity by applying design thinking?". The first phase of the project consists of literature and field research, photographic research, product design and prototyping. This should lead to exhibitions in Karaburun and during Dutch Design Week 2019, among others. For this project, Serdar Asut (Random Works) from the Netherlands is working together with Friso Gouwetor (Studio FG) and Melis Baloglu (Melis Baloglu Design). In Turkey, the collaboration partners are the municipality of Karaburun, Zeytince Association, Can Gunduz and Bilge Demirtas.