grants issued

Grant Programme for Internationalization → Open call 2 phase 2

Pomace: Learning Circularity from Olive

Random Works, Zeytince Association/ The Olive Academy in Karaburun

€ 50.000

'Pomace: Learning Circularity from Olive' is a design study into circularity within the traditional unique practice of olive cultivation in the Karaburun region of Izmir. The team aims to raise awareness of circular design, to strengthen the link between urban and rural areas, and to draw global lessons from this intrinsically circular practice. The team from the Netherlands consists of architects Serdar Aşut and Friso Gouwetor, visual designer Melis Baloğlu and industrial designer Iris Jönsthövel. The local partners are: Zeytince Association/ The Olive Academy in Karaburun, Karaburun Municipality, Emre Gönlügür (Good Design Izmir), industrial designer Betül Hafizoğlu and documentary makers Yaman Umut Bilir and Işıkcan Barbaros.

After preliminary research, workshops with the local designers and a public symposium on circular design, the follow-up phase consists of material design experiments to explore the possible uses of olive pomace in different design disciplines. The material is currently used to produce energy by burning. However, the mechanical and chemical qualities of the material are promising to be used as raw material to produce different types of objects. The team conducts research and development on material design to this end and collaborate with local designers to develop new by-products through a sustainable and circular closed-loop system. In the meantime, the team will continue documenting the current and traditional means of olive cultivation and the circular qualities of the ongoing traditions through a documentary video, book and online platform. The results will be presented at Good Design Izmir and a Dutch event to be determined later.

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