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Recomposed Bamboo

Chris Kabel & Doornekamp/RHS

€ 25.000

At the invitation of the Craft Department of Shanghai University in 2016, designer Chris Kabel conducted a study into bamboo processing in Anji, China's bamboo capital. Focusing on the intrinsic material properties of bamboo stems and parts, Recomposed Bamboo proposes new processing techniques and applications. The goal of the project is to promote the use of bamboo – with its unique aesthetical and constructive qualities – as a sustainable alternative to using profiles and constructions made of steel, aluminium and hardwood. The research into the best construction and production of the profiles and a small series of test-case objects is conducted in collaboration with Doornekamp Woodspecials, a specialist in special wood constructions, which is offering the use of an extensive workplace and expert personnel. The results of the study will be shared and distributed through parties including Galerie Kreo (Paris) and industrial parties.

This project was conditionally honored from the Open Call Space for Talent