grants issued

Grant Programme for Talent Development → Open call

Shanti Ganesh - Artistic Development

€ 25.000

Shanti Ganesh operates at the interface of art, science, technology and design. With her background in cognitive neurosciences and psychology, Ganesh has been studying aspects such as the self-identification of online gamers with their avatar. In her practice Ganesh is keen to evolve from scientist to creative. In particular, Ganesh wants to develop herself into a queer creative, investigating self-identity and gender identity in her work. In order to drive this process forward, Ganesh is pursuing a residency at AirSPACE in San Francisco, which is specialized in queer performance art. In addition, Ganesh is seeking coaching and inspiration from radical and queer performance artists, such as Keith Hennessy and Guillermo Gomez Peña in San Francisco and body artist Heather Cassils in Los Angeles.